Frequently Asked Questions

How does this service work?

Your website is shown in a fullscreen popunder on websites that are service by our publishers network. The window will resize to fit the full window of a visitor's screen for maximum visibility. We do not use any automated systems, mini-frame or scripts like some of our competititors.

How do you keep your traffic costs so low?

We sell large volumes of traffic allowing us to give you rates that our competitors cannot match while maintaining a high quality of visitors. Many of our competitors with higher prices resell our services.

Are there any kinds of websites tha you will not service?

We will not send traffic to websites that have adult content, automatic downloads, autoplaying audio or video with audio, viruses/trojans/corrupt file/etc, and illegal content or services. We also do not allow websites that contain popups/popunders.

How much does this service cost to use?

Other than the traffic plan you choose there is no additional cost. We have plans that span from $5 to $200.

Can I choose to get visitors from only one country?

At this time we do not offer the option to purchase traffic from one particular country but we do offer the ability to choose your visitors based on their continent (eg. North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania).

What is a popunder?

A popunder is a full screen website that open behind the current page being visited. Popunders are favorable to visitors because they are not intrusive and gives the user full visibility of your website because it is resized to fit their full screen.

What if a user uses a popup blocker?

If a visit we send to you is blocked in any way, it will not be counted. You will only pay for what you get.

How can I keep track of my traffic?

We offer a third party tracking service that allows you to see, among other things, what country your visitors originate from and an hourly/daily/weekly/monthly breakdown of all visits.

Is the traffic I will recieve unique?

Visitors you recieve from our service will only be counted once every 12 hours. Visitors may come back to your site on their own but they will not be counted again before this time limit.

How long after I pay will I see traffic being delivered?

Traffic delivery can take 1-2 business days, but usually it will begin as soon as a purchase is made.

How long does each campaign last?

Depending on the size, a traffic campaign can last anywhere from a couple days to a month.

Will I be charged every month after my initial purchase?

No, we only charge you for what you have selected. If you decide to buy more traffic you will need to make another purchase manually.

Main Guidelines

  • Destination websites should not contain automatic downloads or auto-playing audio/video.
  • Make sure your pages are compliant with best coding practices and don't affect visitor browsing.
  • Destination websites should not include harmful, adult or illegal services.
  • Destination websites should not contain popups or popunders.

Keeping Our Traffic Safe

  • We randomly check landing pages to make sure they comply with guidelines.
  • We have an automated system to check for maliscious code.
  • WWJD with traffic? Please keep our visitors safe and we will continue offering you a great service.